Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am tired

I can't get angry anymore.

What you want to do you do la.

It does not matter anymore.

I also don't even know why I still keep holding on.

I should give up now.

And you should let me go.

After this week I am going back.

I hope I can forget you.

Cuz I really cannot live like this.

You hold on to me

But at the at the same time you are holding on to him.

I hope I don't feel this pain anymore.

Cuz of you I lost many things.

I can't afford to lose anymore.

Your life is yours to deal with.

I just hope you know whats more important in life.

Thinking about everything that you are doing with him now.

Makes me sick.

I hope You don't intend to stay in my heart for long.

Cuz I am cleaning the closet to let some one who really cares, in..

I had my chance,

You had yours too.

Peace out!

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