Thursday, September 2, 2010

I had a great time

Coming here was'nt bad at all.

Some how and sincerely being here actually gave me a peace in mind.

On the way here, met with a guy. Abg Mat. He made me realise that there are still many kind hearted and caring people in the world.

Coming here gave me the opportunity to see the world. To meet new people.

I like your family very much. You father and bother wants to bring me out tomorrow.

Your father was cool. "He said esok I hantar mereka then I balik then bawak you jalan"

Tak per tak bangun pagi. Tidur jer dulu. nanti I balik kita jalan.

It put a smile on my face just hearing that.

Siap nak bawak gi water front lagi hahaha.

Had a delicious dinner prepared by your mum.

Bonded with your younger brother and elder brother.

Played a game of football with them..It was the most happiest day of my life since we had our problems.

I really want to be a part of this Family.

I even ask your brother if we can go visit him at work. And he said come la.

then later had a chat with your mum. At first when I entered the house I feel bit tense. but after that talk I am begining to fall in love with this Family.

I even asked " Esok Sahur pukul berapa? Say join sekali boleh?" The moment your mother said yes I sounded like sweet music of victory

How i wish I was a part of this Family.

A family that cares . A brother that reacts to every single things I say. A Family that is whole..

I miss you . I wish you were here . Then it will all be complete.

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