Monday, September 13, 2010


This morning woke up at about 11 a.m... Haha.. Late? I don think so. Its a holiday ma. Last nite, watch the Movie Kick Ass. Two Thumbs up. It about super hero in real life. And not like super heroes in the movie. Real life super hero get their asses kick. It a fun movie to watch. There is this one super hero, Hit Girl. She.. is I think about 11 yrs old. But damn she can kick Ass!. She kills without remorse. Cut the story short. Just watch the movie if you have not.

Well went out cuz wanted to check on my phone's battery. Something wrong with it. Today, I took a different road that I usually take to go to Dataran Pahlawan. And i noticed so many changes in Melaka. And there is an Old Town White Coffee in Melaka. Wow!.

It good to be home. Miss my home sweet home. Going back to kelantan...Don't Even want to think about it..

Peace Out!


  1. I notice sth missing.. and it's the 'is'. u sengaja ka?

  2. unexpected that you notice. Just a mistake. It's a blog. I don't go double check what I write. ahahaha.